How to Find the Best Irvine Bankruptcy Lawyer?

How to Find the Best Irvine Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Bankruptcy is a tricky thing to file. On the one hand, you can get more leniency with your current loans, and perhaps even get some help from for your day-to-day living. On the other, you can lose quite a lot of your credit score. You might not be able to get new loans in a year. You may also be asked to liquidate assets. Whatever the solution might be, the key to having a manageable life after declaring bankruptcy is a good lawyer from a reputable firm.

Try to scout for a good firm first.

There are advantages to keeping your choice of lawyers to reputable law firms like the Law Offices of Sean S. Vahdat and Associates APLC. One is the assurance that whoever you work with, you will be working with a bar passer and a true lawyer.

You can also be sure that you are working with someone who is an expert in the field even if you have not done your homework yet, and you have not researched on the lawyer’s past. A law firm also gives its lawyers the advantage of consulting with colleagues in cases wherein more than one specialty is a concern.

Look into the specialization of the lawyer and his/her performance in court.

While bankruptcy would probably not lead to court representation and is mostly a case which would have your lawyer doing the paperwork, lawyers who do well in court are high ranking. If they don’t do the paperwork themselves, you can be sure that they have associates and assistants who can do it for them.

There are ranks in the Law Offices of Sean S. Vahdat and Associates APLC, and it is true that sometimes you will be working with an associate and not a partner. However, this is all good as long as your lawyer has a good track record, and you know that s/he is still working under the guidance of a high ranking and experienced partner.

Look for a lawyer who can explain things to you.

You do not have to be a lawyer yourself while going through the process of filing for bankruptcy, but you do need to know if that is your only option. A good lawyer from the Law Offices of Sean S. Vahdat and Associates APLC should be able to explain even the most complicated jargons with you.

Like a good accountant who not only makes sense of your books, a good lawyer should be able to translate, in layman’s terms, how your life would be after bankruptcy. You should also be given the choice not to file for bankruptcy, and to understand the consequences of not doing so.

Look for a lawyer who puts clients first.

You are facing bankruptcy, and as is the case, you probably do not have much money to pay for your legal help. The Law Office is Sean S. Vahdat and Associates APLC has a very competitive rate for bankruptcy cases and can help relieve the pressures that loom when you are nearing bankruptcy.

Need expert advise about bankruptcy? Contact the Law Offices of Sean S. Vahdat and Associates APLC now and schedule a consultation.

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